Thursday, January 10, 2013

Installing Configuration File

This post is to deal with the settings files that Industrial CNC sends to every customer; the configuration file (an .xml file)

There is no reason for you to open the file. I say this only because many people have called to say they can't open them.

Here is exactly how to deal with these files:

From the e-mail containing these files, click on the download link for the file.
Select Save, when the window comes up asking where to save it, select Desktop.

Make sure you have already gone to the Mach3 website and downloaded Mach3. Here's the link (go to downloads) (scroll down and click on the "Mach 3" link under "Lockdown")

You can also purchase a license from Mach3 on the same page.

In Windows Explorer Drag the .xml file into your Main Mach3 Folder.
(to find this, right click on the windows start button and choose "Explore"
A new window will open with folders on the left side of the screen.
Find the Folder labeled "Mach3"
and double click it.)

The right side of that window will now be the inside of the Mach3 folder. Then, click the middle button in the top right corner of your screen (in between the - and x buttons, and you should see your desktop beneath that window.

Drag the two files from the desktop to the inside of the Mach3 folder.

You should now be ready to control your Industrial CNC Router!

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