Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Loading Gcode in Mach 3

1) In the Mach 3 Software, click "Load GCode" (Or go to the the top of the screen, select, "File" and then "Load GCode"

2) Select the gcode file you'll be using.

3) Using your computer key board, jog (move) the spindle to the starting position (zero position) for your job. I suggest using the bottom left corner of your material. Bring the spindle down to touch the surface of the material you'll be cutting.

4) When spindle is at the zero or home position, Click the three Zero Buttons to the Left of your X, Y, and Z coordinate, making sure that all 3 read "0"

5) Hit the "Cycle Start" Button.Your spindle will pick up and start cutting the job